Live in Holland

1985 live in holland

Pan 120 - 1985
Pan CD - 1999


1. Macedon Express / Macedonian Express
Arr: Gergely Koltay, József Margit, László Neumayer, Péter Gál

2. Szarvasűzés / Stag hunting
Music and lyrics by Levente Szörényi,
Arr: Kormorán

3. Gyere ki te gyöngyvirág / Lily of the valley
Lyrics: trad.,
Arr: Gergely Koltay, József Margit, László Neumayer

4. Kedvesem / My sweetheart
Music by Gergely Koltay, József Margit, Szilveszter Jenei.
Lyrics by Gergely Koltay

5. Adjon az Isten / May the lord provide
Music by Gergely Koltay.
Lyrics by László Nagy


1. Budapest – Amsterdam / From Budapest to Amsterdam
Arr: Gergely Koltay, József Margit, Szilveszter Jenei

2. Ne sírj / Don’t cry baby
Music and lyrics by Gergely Koltay

3. Szóljon aki látta / Tell, who saw it
Music by Gergely Koltay, Szilveszter Jenei
Lyrics by István Sinka, Gergely Koltay

4. Fehér szobában, fehér virág / White flower in a white rom
Music by Gergely Koltay, Szilveszter Jenei, József Margit, László Neumayer
Lyrics by Gergely Koltay

5. Fohász / Supplication
(From the play „Kőmíves Kelemen”)
Music by Gergely Koltay.
Lyrics by László Gyurkó

Gergely Koltay – oboe-like shawm, bagpipes, flute, recorder, tambourine, vocals
József Margit – bass, percussion, lead vocal
Szilveszter Jenei – guitar, vocals
László Neumayer – drums percussion
Péter Gál – fiddle, vocals

Guest musicians:
Bill „Papa” Deák – vocals, „mood”
Pál Herrer jr. – keyboard, percussion

Recorded live in Theater Kunstmin, Dordecht, Holland, October 22nd 1985.

Musical producer – Gergely Koltay, Szilveszter Jenei, Jan Van Rhenen

Sound engineer – Jan Van Rhenen

Managing – Bernard Kleikamp, Paradox, 155, 2300 AD Leiden, tel.: 071 – 21 94 79

Cover design – Anikó Jávorfy
Cover photos – Gábor Halász (front), Zsuzsa Helyei (back)
Cover editing by Hans van den and Artur Schouten

Produced by Kormorán and Paradox

Special thanks to: Janny and Piet Kooy for the catering, Sándor Vakulya (Budapest-Interkoncert) for the organization, Levente Szörényi for the song „Stag Hunting”. Theater Kunstmin for letting us appear there and record this album.

Stichting pan muziekdocumentatie – Postbus 84440 – 2508 Ak Den Haag Tel.: 071 – 21 94 79

The Kormorán Folk Rock Band was formed in 1976.
Their first concert in Holland took place at the 7th Folkfeswtival in Vlaardingen ont he 4th of July 1981.
Since that first occasion they have returned to Holland almost every yer to play in many club and at plenty of festivals.
The musicals (style and) idiom of the group is described as folk rock.
This is to say that their music is played with all the intensity that a lively tock tune needs, while it is based on traditional folk motives from Middle- and Southeast Europe. In this fashion they create a unique blend of modern electric music with the classical cound of ancient folk instruments.
They certainly know how to make a live show really come alive!
Of course they have played in other places besides Holland: in East- and West Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Cuba, Venezuela, the U.S.S.R, Polland, Bulgaria and Austria.
This record includes some of Kormorán’s former hit singles, as well as some new material wich has not previously been released.
All in all, it seems high time for Kormorán’s first album to present itself to the public Holland – and outside.
So give it a listen – it’s well worth it.