The pipers went to hell

The stars in the sky do not fall anymore
The war is over, even the bell is silent
A generation with curse upon its head is saying goodbye.
There are legendary kings under iron boots.

They have written each oder’s funeral orations and
Are standing now in long queues;
There is no fire in their eyes, they say the last wishes;
They are standing a slow dance, there is black smoke int he sky;
The wisdom of wise men is forbidden.

The pipers went to hell, who is going to celebrate a requiem for them
The pipers went to hell, who is going to dance upon them?

The bonfire in burning, flying ashes are falling into the big wide river,
The poet find a melody
There stands Charles, the confessor, who was killed three times,
People cry joyfully and his head falls.

And the actress, in a long robe stands in the queue silently
Her life was love, but her kiss is chilly now;
Where does the scaffold stand, who is the hero now,
nobody knows where the tomb will be;
Knight Michael and Laslie, your wooden headboard is marsh marigold.


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